* * * *

* * * * *


For a 3rd year running, we hosted some of Japan's brightest future designers. From Osaka to Tokyo, 150 students came to the lofts for four days of presentatons, workshops, and general brain stretching with edwin and oksana. Each year has been more fascinating than the last. Arigato! (oh...and TAK and KAZ rock!)


After a year+ sworn to secrecy, Coca Cola announced the new ultra spacy design of the iconic Coca Cola Bottle. Designed at the studio, the unique metal form met the visuals of the int'l all stars The M5 PROJECT. Touching down through 2006 in only the most super villanous of spots worldwide, you can see the low down on the collaborations RIGHT HERE!


We are proud our work has been selected to be a part of the 2005 CA Biennial exhibition. The collection shows off a range of innovative design in the fields of fashion, products, graphics and architecture. Runs through August 05. Details at PMCA ONLINE.


The BWIP, our futuristic 'grow-it-yourself product incubator' is part of the VALUE MEAL: Design and (over)Eating exhibit opening in New York. Originally commissioned for the French Int'l Design Biennale in St Etienne, it moves for a run at the CENTER FOR ARCHITECTURE until August 13. More from Core77. Ya Ya, we know it's kind of strange.

feb02 \\ OKSANA and EDWIN's DESIGN FOR CHUNKS project hits Virgin Atlantic's Int'l flights!

How could we pass up the opportunity to design the most stylish air sickness bags for the world's coolest airline? Here's a slice of what's comforting flyers on Virgin skies in 2005! See more in the CNN broadcast story from Asia and from, of course, Design for Chunks.

* * * * *


Join us by contributing some images to our holiday web experiment we made with our friends from AMAUTA LAB. It's a sort of communal collage of all of our last turn into 2005! VISIT The TREE.

SUPERHAPPYBUNNY featured as part of the St Etienne International Design Biennale, France /// nov06

This week is the opening of the massive International Design Biennale. The exhibit features work commisioned from the studio as part of a series from 20 leading American designers. Get a glimpse from our friends at Core77. More details soon.

OKSANA and EDWIN's contribution to the DESIGN FOR CHUNKS project is selected as part of the Chunk20 for Virgin Atlantic /// nov05

How could we pass up the opportunity to design the most stylish air sickness bags for the world's coolest airline? Here's a preview of what's to come in Virgin's skies in 2005! More soon...


    Intent on walking the earth, Edwin and Bart split the Americas this month. While Bart fishes in Vermont, Edwin will trek to Cusco and Lima, Peru as part of the Amauta Projects' ambitious cultural development project in the works there. More soon...


    Edwin and Bart head to New York this week to teach a high school workshop at Parsons with Nike's Brand Jordan. As part of the Cooper Hewitt's Design Directions and Summer Design Institute, the week long program brings together students, educators and professionals to share ideas on teaching the next generation of designers.

The studio completes new super secret project for Coca Cola. Worldwide in 2005! /// jun25

* * *

* * * * *

WIRED magazine /// 01dec03

In this month's issue, the PixelBlocks bring out the retro Atari fetish from the big kids at Wired. With their lo-res appeal, the Pixels had them building quarter chugging space invaders and ghosts in no time.

* * * *

PICTOPLASMA 2, New York /// 05nov03
No matter if it's scribbled, painted, molded, plush, graffiti or abstract, the squeezably puffy Pictoplasma book and it's even puffier new sequel highlight an impressive range of int'l character design.

To coincide with the book's release, The Future is Now gallery in New York will be hosting a month long exhibition of selected works from some of the participating book artists. We jumped at contributing a gallery of PixelBlock critters and our family of Vibrator Cozies to the new book and show which runs until 12dec03. Part of the collection moves on to the Zakka Corp space in SoHo to wrap out the year.
* * * *

LOS ANGELES TIMES, From Everyday to Extraordinary /// 16oct03
After years of false starts, downtown Los Angeles shows every sign of being in the midst of a major boom. Today's special issue of the Los Angeles Times covers the places, people and renegade entrepreneurial lifestyle that's been reinventing the city. Writer Janet Eastman visited the Bunny to catch a glimpse of the lofts during the biannual Brewery Artwalk. She caught crowds surrounding a giant light table full of shimmering PixelBlocks and the collection of designs that have been keeping the studios buzzing. SEE ARTICLE
* * * *

* * * *
      READYMADE, FLAUNT + METROPOLIS Magazines /// aug03
        The Bunny gets proper nods this month in some of our favorite loft reads.
* * * *
SUMMER DESIGN INSTITUTE, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York /// 18jul03

The Smithsonian's acclaimed Summer Design Institute brings together educators with an international roster of designers to share strategies for engaging students in art and design. As part of the National Design Triennial (see below), Superhappybunny jumped at the opportunity to teach K-12 teachers about design. The hands-on workshop with Edwin + Bart took on unravelling the design process while encouraging the participants to see themselves as designers in their own right.

The week long program came to a close with the Cooper-Hewitt's DJ Concert Series in the museum's garden across from Central Park. Edwin brought on a grooved house set for the sunset crowd of about 700 revelers along with !K7's Ben Butler. In an unexpected turn, a rain shower during the sweltering Manhattan night got shoes kicked off and everyone dancing under a briliant lightning storm. We all shared a moment.More info available online on the museum's Education Programs and the ongoing National Design Triennial exhibit which runs through January of 2004.
... and Mei Mah and the CH girls: could they rawk any more?

* * * *
    CA_DESIGN03, Pasadena Museum of California Art /// 21jun03
    We are very excited about being asked to be part of the PMCA 2003 Design Biennial. The exhibit will explore the ways that design impacts and inspires everyday life in the fields of products, graphics, fashion and transportation. The studio proudly shares honors with our friend Elizabeth Paige Smith, Bluelounge, Apple, and BMW Designworks to name a few.
    Running at PMCA from June 21 to September 14, 2003.
* * * *
INTRODUCE YOURSELF, Los Angeles /// 01jun03

Over the last two years painter Alexis Brandow has documented three generations of artists and designers that have contributed to the culture of Los Angeles. Included in the month long exhibit of portraits is bunny Edwin Roses alongside loftmate and longtime collaborator Aaron Rincover (!). Guests can also catch painterly views of satellite bunny Oksana Badrak, seminal punk photographer Edward Colver plus heros Ben Benjamin and the Clayton Bros. The opening show wiill include a yodelling performance from Ren & Stimpy creator John K. and grooved ambiance from Edwin. Introduce Yourself runs through 30jun03 at The Grove. More info at introduceyourself.org.

* * * *

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Seven Easy Pieces /// 08may03

    "Smartly designed, idiot-proof furnishings don't require a single tool: they simply slide, snap, pop, click into shape. In just about the same amount of time it takes to watch a sitcom, you can make all seven of them." SEE ARTICLE
* * * *
IDSA MID WESTERN CONFERENCE, Milwaukee /// 27apr03
On their way back from New York, Bart and Edwin took a detour via Milwaukee to speak at the IDSA Design to Live conference. The three day event focused on the evolving roles and passions of tomorrow's designers.

Held under the shadow of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Bunnies gave the closing spot presentation. The audience of mostly emerging young designers got a rare glance at the inner workings and personalities of Superhappybunny.

    * * * *
    "Superhappybunny is part of a select group of designers who have been chosen to represent the range and vitality of current U.S. design practice, from architecture, interiors, and product design to film, graphic design, fashion, and new media."

    I must say that receiving a letter from the Smithsonian asking us to participate in the National Design Triennial was no less than a surreal experience. Especially after seeing a list of fellow participants that includes a whole slew of loft heroes.

    "The National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now explores the pulse of contemporary design in America by detailing the work of emerging designers operating at the most innovative and provocative level in design today."

    The exhibit will run at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York from April 22, 2003 to January 25, 2004.

* * * *
INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR, New York /// 13feb03

PIXELBLOCKS are coming. . ... details soon. .
    * * * *
I.D., The I.D. Forty /// 01jan03
    A terrific way to start the year was arriving from holiday to find ourselves in the 2003 I.D. Forty (!!). The annual is a survey of forty leading designers pushing the boundaries of their disciplines. Superhappybunny is written up as one of the four leading up-and-coming studios in the world. (!!!)

    "The real product of contemporary design may be its practice rather than its artifacts. These firms refuse to be pigeonholed for the products they design. Rather, each deserves to be looked at as a creative initiative, a movement, a club." SEE ARTICLE

* * * *
B-GUIDED Magazine, Spain /// 01jan03
    * * * *

    * * * * *

LOS LOGOS /// 08dec02
A collection of Superhappybunny's graphic design is proudly part of the new book and exhibition LOS LOGOS. The collection brings together more than 3000 works by over 200 designers from around the globe.
* * * *
        GQ MAGAZINE, Germany /// 10nov02
        The Self Heating Cans of Soup get Euro press in this month's issue of Gentleman's Quarterly.
* * * *
* * * *
        The studio contributed work to the exhibit and book for the AIGA's MARK YOUR TERRITORY Logos - Past, Present, & Local . 'A comprehensive look at the best and brightest marks to emerge from Los Angeles.'
* * * *
    LOS ANGELES magazine, Design Issue /// 02oct02
    "FUNCTION AND FORM . Henry Keck shapes the look of products with pragmatism in mind. The people at Superhappybunny want their ideas to be as emotive as possible. He crafted the roadside barricade light; they made an orb that glows when squeezed. Somewhere between the two extremes lies the history of American design." SEE ARTICLE
* * * *
    WIRED magazine, Souped Up ::: 08july02
      In the Post Microwave Age, your push-button oven has been replaced by a push-button can. Just press the bottom of this insulated steel container, and a packet of compressed liquefied salt heats the soup to a steaming 130 degrees. Despite the Campbell's label, the can, R&D'd by SuperHappyBunny, has yet to be licensed for commercial use. But SHB has plenty of cred: Its designers have worked for clients as big as General Motors and NiN, and they're currently busy with T-shirts for LA's trendy Ben Ryan Clothing. After that, the Bunnies aim to take the self-heating soup can off the back burner. - Jessie Scanion
* * * *
    SKIN @THE COOPER HEWITT, National Design Museum, New York ::: 07may02
    AARON RINCOVER heads east this week to the opening of SKIN, Surface Substance + Design. His Bubbles are proudly part of the international showcase of products, architecture, and digital media that runs through 15sep02

* * * *
EAST TOUCH magazine, Hong Kong ::: 02may02

* * * *
CITY AZ magazine ::: 24mar02
* * * *
     I.D. ::: 25feb02
Our new subscription to ID came with the surprise of our Soocoop speakers being showcased in this issue. The launch of the aluminum spun line couldn't have been sweeter for us. The "minty" high fidelity speakers are also headed to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair for their proper premiere with our friends from Orange22.
* * *

* * * * *

      CORE77 ::: 02dec01
      Superhappybunny was added today to CORE77's list of favorite design firms. As the online Mecca of design, CORE77 also featured the Bunny in its showcase last May. "It's not just that we, as long-time bunny lovers, are hooked by the name alone, but they've got a great vibe throughout their whole site, a feeling that seems to translate to their work. ." (!)
* * * *

FURNITURE STYLE magazine ::: 10oct01
My Company: SuperHappyBunny, Los Angeles

My fellow company founders: Hayes Urban, Edwin Roses, Gabriel Carlson
My mission: To offer emotive products. Most things we use everyday are built to be less expensive or less obtrusive. You clean your kitchen with a broom. But if your broom is slightly entertaining, you're more excited to do it. We take mundane, routine activities and we brighten them up a bit.
My headquarters: We live and work in a place called the Brewery, the world's largest arts community. It's like a free-range reserve for artists that not only allows, but encourages personal creativity and drive.
My choice of materials: For the Neo-Amish furniture, we use 14-ply finished birch. Special #8 is a CNC-cut, bent, milky acrylic. It holds its shape very well. We recently worked with RTF, which is a vinyl veneer. It has a great fake wood grain and can be vacuum formed, so you can pull off really complex corners.
My inspiration: The Neo Amish furniture is about total efficiency. Two chairs are cut out of one 4-by-8 foot sheet of plywood, and there's only about 7 percent waste. My idea came from the book, "The Measure of Man and Woman," Henry Dreyfuss. The book states the ideal seat angle and height, and the proper armrest height for making a chair that's comfortable for 99 percent of all body types.I decided that if I was going to design a chair, I wanted it to fit everybody. People often say, " That looks uncomfortable, do you make pads for it?" But then they sit in it and they're like, "Oh my!" It's comfortable.
My first licensing deal: Special #8 was designed by a gentleman named Dino Alzadon - he went to Art Center College of Design with us. At our Senior Show, we saw his model and said, "That's a clever little product – what do you intend to do with it?" And his response was, "I think I'm going to give it to my grandma." We absolutely fell in love with it, and it became SuperHappyBunny's first licensing deal.SuperHappyBunny's products are on display at the Brewery, the design firm's home/office in Los Angeles.
* * * *

PICTOPLASMA ::: 05oct01
Our Bunny head logo sneaks in a cameo in Pictoplasma, a new book and exhibition of contemporary character-design. The exhaustive collection impressively surveys one of the most global languages in graphics. As an international platform and playground, Pictoplasma showcases progressive character-design by an array of independent artists and corporations including loft favorites ot-to, Eboy and ASTRO graphica.
* * * *

the CHRISTOPHER LOWELL show ::: 25sep01
Our very own Dr. DeEtte DeVille visits the CHRISTOPHER LOWELL show today. Best described as "the happiest man in America", Christopher holds millions of tv viewers under his spell every week on the Discovery channel. Tune in to sparkly conversation on design, cozies and Superhappybunny's home decor.
* * * *

Today starts a five week engagement for the bunny product line at the East Meets West Exhibit in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Organized by Program 12, the showcase features designery artists from both coasts including Raid Projects NY, Why Knot Project and the forward sounds of Dublab.
* * * *

JUNGLE magazine ::: 30apr01
Our Special #8's "Zen-like inner glow' made MBA JUNGLE's HOW TO SPEND A MILLION BUCKS pages.
* * * *

STUFF Magazine (Euro edition) ::: 06feb01
Mathmos LLC of London, England, displays the Bubble light to the press. This occasion is the culmination of much work for Mathmos, designer Aaron Rincover and the SuperHappyBunny Co. Developed by Rincover with SuperHappyBunny in LA, the Visopia lights were licensed and renamed the Bubble. We bunnies are very happy with this development and will soon be selling Bubbles here in North America.
* * * *

BunnyLovers! ::: 04feb01
It was recently brought to our attention that the SuperHappyBunnies have not only fans, but also a fan-site. Two young girls, named Amee & Lynda, have taken it upon themselves to construct an unofficial and unauthorized website dedicated not to our products or services, but to the bunnies who work here at the SuperHappyBunny Co. (they know every thing). Go check it out at www.geocities.com/ameelynda. But if we have to start paying someone to guard the dumpster behind the grotto, you kids are in trouble.
* * * *
LUCKY, a magazine about shopping ::: 15jan01
The bunnies poke their heads out of their hole for contributing editor Marien Rentmeester. She calls us weird and quirky in print, but we think she likes us.
* * * *

* * * * *

    NETWEEK ::: 01dec00
    Australia's NETWEEK magazine announced SUPERHAPPYBUNNY as winner of it's EDITOR''S CHOICE AWARD.
* * * *
SPONGELAB.COM ::: 06oct00
starting today you'll find SUPERHAPPYBUNNY heading up SPONGELAB'S ONLINE DESIGN EXHIBITION for FALL 2000. the most telling feature yet on the elusive HAPPY4 reveals their desires to make the future a better place and earn some submarines along the way. Lots of nooks + crannys to explore.
* * * *

INTERIOR DESIGN ::: issue number 10.2000
INTERIOR DESIGN magazine was on the trail of our own AARON RINCOVER during his sprint of europe + new york. they caught eye of his silicone lights and mentioned the motherly orbs in their special LIGHTING EDITION this month. pictured here is AARON + lights throwing down a limbo in harlam with object prophet PHILIPPE STARCK at INGO (seen through PHILIPPE'S arm in adjacent limbo line) MAURER's party and the lights as shown in the magazine.
* * * *

THROWING DOWN + FLEXING SOME OF THAT NEXT PARTY SHIT ::: 19aug00  superhappybunny held open it's arms + floors on 08.19.00. celebrating our very own gabe carlson's graduation from artcenter and bunny designers DeEtte + Aaron's birthdays. With stellar grooves by the likes of DJ James Andrew, it was a rousing ride of people + music . 600 people can't be wrong...
   * * * *  

* * * *

    During his month long sprint of europe, designer AARON RINCOVER exhibited his silicone orbs at the MILAN FURNITURE SHOW. irresistible at the touch, the glowing spheres held the attention of the likes of object prophets PHILIPPE STARCK + INGO MAURER. News of the vibrant balls earned nods in the NEW YORK TIMES and LONDON FINANCIAL TIMES. making pages as well in upcoming issues of ELLE DECOR, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, DDN, HOME&GARDEN (italy), + INTERNI amongst others.

* * * *
Meanwhile, back in the states, renowned architect FRANK GEHRY was greeted on stage by a Neo Amish chair during his speech at ART CENTER. After the show he pronounced the Neo Amish "DECEPTIVELY COMFORTABLE." Bart said, "He signed it. It's in my bedroom."

 * * * *

 Superhappybunny, b. Fall 1999. Los Angeles.

 * * * *