UTOPIA_IDSA National Conference, graphics and event production.

The IDSA came to the studio seeking help for their 2004 National Conference of today’s most influential product designers, culture formers and taste makers. Task in hand, we sponsored a class of eager Art Center students to battle out over a semester for a concept that would engage the eventual 700+ attendants in Los Angeles. Over 14 weeks and dozens of concepts, the winning idea came from a one Mr. Adam Dines. The idea of “Bob” the ubiquitous how-to instructions personality we know from Ikea sheets to “you’re about to die” airplane pamphlets seemed oddly apppropriate breaking from his usual role and getting to make his own Utopia.

Adam won the “privilege” to, over the span of the following 4 months, collaborate with us and bring the idea to the extensive identity project that spanned posters, adverts, cards, guides and the signage that made for a more than notable success in the conference’s 30 year history.