SOCK MONKEY JACKET___fashion sucks, sock monkeys rule.

Remember the other day when you wrote to us a letter phrased something like this?

    Do you really make sock monkey jackets? It would make the perfect gift for [someone I know].
    How much are they and how could I get one? They're terrific!

      A lot of folks just like you want to know the same thing. Here's how it happens.
      Though most of our products are available through us, the Sock Monkey Jacket is a rare piece. Each jacket takes about 30 adult Sock Monkeys to make. Each sock Monkey takes about a year to reach its full size. Currently, our Sock Monkey ranch in Nebraska has only a few hundred adult Sock Monkeys, and all of them are needed to breed more Sock Monkeys to satisfy the high demand for jackets. Our latest estimates target next Summer as the soonest slaughter date. Stay tuned. We have your e-mail address, so we'll tell you when you can buy yours online. Be Happy.

        The MANAGEMENT