The Soocoop Sound project was a collaboration between the studio's Hayes Urban and designer Enrico Ripose. With their aluminum spun bodies and rich sound, the speakers broke the conventional black box syndrome in sound design. For Soocoop Sound, Superhappybunny took the design from concept to production. The limited edition run was produced to perfect the design of the unique casing and audio components for full production.

The Soocoop speakers use conventional midrange and high frequency drivers in a very unconventional way. The speakers' drivers are back to back in an all aluminum enclosure. This unusual positioning of the drivers inside the enclosure provides a richer, more natural quality of sound.

The Soocoops use 1" resin impregnated fabric domed tweeter in combination with a 6.5 inch midrange with a 3-inch voice coil. In conjunction with the patented Parabolic Resonant Cavity Technology, this specially engineered driver compliment provides superior audio spectrum resolution.

Superhappybunny premiered the line at the 02 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. They were featured later that year in ID Magazine. At last word, Soocoop was developing future production in Europe.